Our vision.

We are a team of talented people from around the world with the same goal: be an IOT enabler for our clients by providing smarter more efficient systems powered by lidbot.

lidbot our vision

lidbot. has dreams

lidbot. works with a Waste Collector.

A bunch of public lidbot waste bins send out an alert, asking to be picked up. A waste collector responds and accepts the job.

She visits her first waste bin and changes it. When she’s done, she scans her company card on lidbot and lidbot confirms the change. Her company gets paid a small amount of money for changing the bin. All of this data is then stored on a distributed ledger for transparency.

lidbot. works at a Fast Food Chain.

lidbot is at a fast food chain! Installed in every waste, recycling and food waste bin, lidbot helps notify staff of overflowing bins. lidbot also keeps a record of how much waste each location produces.

The fast food chain loves lidbot because it helps them collect important data and also makes sure no location ever has an overflowing waste bin. The fast food chain also uses lidbot to report on their waste audits every year with transparency.

lidbot. works with a Doctor.

lidbot is in charge of all types of waste inside a hospital. lidbot works closely with doctors and hospital staff to ensure that all data from general, infectious, hazardous and radioactive waste are properly stored into her immutable database.

In the event of an incident or outbreak, lidbot is able to provide extensive data about the types, locations, times and pickups of all hospital waste data.

lidbot. works with a Factory.

This time, lidbot is in a different place. lidbot is inside a container filled with a manufacturing material. When the material runs low, lidbot makes an order for a new supply to come in. When the order is confirmed, lidbot sends a notification to management. lidbot helps this factory be autonomous and lower their costs of production.

lidbot. helps to save The World.

It is not impossible for a little thing to make big changes. lidbot is small yes, but powerful. With the world willing, lidbot can help make changes in all these industries.

Providing smart waste data, so that we can better understand this global problem and start to work on a global solution.

Transform how city waste is handled by providing a transparent environment for multiple waste companies to compete for real-time requests.

Provide a management tool for city governments to track and assess their city wide waste system.

Enable businesses to be transparent about their waste and be proud of their waste reduction efforts.

Enable transparent waste auditing, where waste data environment is trusted, secured and stored on immutable ledgers.

Enable manufacturing autonomy and provide waste analytics to help manufacturers reduce the amount of waste they produce.

lidbot has Help.

Friends can make the difference between success and failure. We are very proud of the friends we have today. Contact us today, and learn how we can co-operate together.

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