Cities need easy, yet powerful solutions to very complex challenges.

Cities all over the world are struggling with growing populations and thus more waste. We simply cannot continue with our current methods of waste management and must innovate. The absence of data is the biggest problem and Lidbot helps solve that effectively.

Lower your cost of collection.

Your waste fleet is visiting every single waste bin in your city to see if it is full or not. This results in millions of dollars of wasted resources and is also no good for the environment. Let our sensors dynamically route your entire fleet, saving you those precious resources.

Better understand your waste system.

Get data that helps you better understand your waste and recycling systems. Enable your urban planners and data teams to action on these new insights and be prepared for the future.

Bring transparency to the waste supply chain.

Waste & recycling collection costs are at all-time highs. With Lidbot, you can see your waste team working in real-time. Bringing transparency to your deployed resources. Make sure the job is being done effectively and on-time.

Waste Production Accountability.

Want to know who is producing the most waste and recycling? How about data that shows you where it all comes from? Lidbot is interoperable and integrates with vehicle tracking systems, vehicle weighing systems and can help bring waste production accountability to your entire waste and recycling supply chain. This makes it easy to hold your waste and recycling producers accountable for their actions.

Other Solutions.