For Smart Cities.

“Cities all over the world are struggling with growing populations and thus more waste. We simply cannot continue with our current methods of waste management and must innovate. The absence of data is the biggest problem and lidbot helps solve that effectively.”

Ham Karami CEO & Founder

Lidbot for Smart Cities

Lower your cost of collection

Your Waste Fleet is visiting every single waste bin in your city to see if it’s full or not. This results in millions of dollars of wasted resources and is also no good for the environment. Let our sensors dynamically route your fleets, saving you those precious resources.

Better understand your waste system

Our sensors help you see your waste system like never before. With the help of our customized analytics platform and smart sensor data you can see where your problem areas are and how to solve them.

Better manage that costly public tender.

Do you know if the contract you awarded is being fulfilled correctly? How can you better manage that tender and ensure your money is giving you great results? Lidbot helps you see your tender at work in real-time. Manage that waste company and ensure that promises made are promises kept.

Implement your Smart City Initiatives

In order to be recognized as a smart city, you need systems like Lidbot in place. Our full solution will help you get one step closer in transitioning into a Smart City. We will be there every step of the way to help and lower your cities carbon footprint and be recognized as the great city you are.