idbot robin

Hey, I’m lidbot.robin

The world’s most powerful & cost-effective smart waste bin. I am equipped to bring your waste efforts to the 21st century!

More than meets the eye.

Built-in sensors

lidbot.robin comes packed with a built-in fill level sensor.

Built-in battery

will keep lidbot.robin powered and connected for 5+ years. After that, just swap it.


lidbot.robin is a globally connected smart bin and can transmit data anywhere with a cellular connection.

Robin lidbot

Attachable Design.

lidbot.robin is designed to be robust and flexible

lidbot our vision

lidbot.robin is here.

If you are building something new or want to replace your existing bins, robin is the perfect product to bring your teams waste management efforts to the 21st century.

Smart cities today.

lidbot.robin enables your city to implement smart city solutions today and start making big differences in how your city manages its waste.

Save on wasted fuel and resources.

lidbot.robin’s built-in lidbot fill level sensors are able to tell your waste collection fleet exactly which bins need changing. So you don’t have to check every single bin.

RFID system for fleet & staff scheduling.

lidbot.robin’s built in RFID card reader system will ensure that your waste fleet/staff are arriving on time and changing the waste when needed.

Inter-operable and ready to integrate.

lidbot.robin’s data can be accessed via an Open API. We strongly believe true IOT systems will only flourish without the barriers of private application access. Integrate robin easily with your existing infrastructure without unnecessary changes.