Waste’s Future is Autonomous.

We are building the framework for the future of waste management. Where a cities waste bins can request pickups autonomously. Where a pickup agent could be paid per bin they change with a micro-transaction. Where waste data is secured on an immutable distributed ledger.

IOTA and lidbot

Powered By IOTA’s Tangle

IOTA is a foundation dedicated to providing a permissionless open-source distributed ledger for the IOT economy. Enabling machine-to-machine interactions like the transfer of data and money.

Because the ledger is distributed, it also enables a trustless ecosystem. This means once the data or transaction is stored on IOTA’s ledger - The Tangle, it becomes impossible to edit or delete.

This has never been integrated with the waste industry and enables waste data to have a new home. A home that will bring transparency and autonomy to the industry.

What are the problems today?

Ending Corruption Vulnerabilities.

Waste systems are operated by various different companies and organizations. But who does what, why and when, and for how much is often the question.

IOTA enables more transparency that leads to an overall better functioning “circular economy”.The Tangle helps lidbot to be able to store its sensor data in a secure and tamper-proof way. This allows us to see a story of our waste and recycling from pickup to landfill.

iota lidbot
iota lidbot

Closed Markets

When a big contract is awarded to a waste company, the waste company controls the entire market for public waste collection in the city. In some cases, these waste companies try to operate with as little resources as possible to maintain strong profits.

This results in cities waste not being picked up efficiently and waste companies operating with old technologies to keep costs low.

Uber ignited the ride hailing industry by enabling anyone to be a taxi driver.

lidbot will ignite the waste management market by enabling anyone to be a waste collector.

Analog Waste Audits

Corporates today face the challenge of properly reporting on their waste. Data is collected throughout the year and the corporation publishes a yearly report on waste and recycling productions. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste a corporation produces every year and increase the amount of recycling.

Currently, corporates are unable to transparently and effectively report on these figures as all of the processes involved are on paper and pass through many hands.

With The Tangle - the corporations waste data can autonomously be processed for viewing via a privately accessible data stream.

iota lidbot
iota lidbot

Waste & Trust

For too long parties involved in waste management have relied on contracts and trust. This has ultimately resulted in our global epidemic. Illegal waste trade, dumping, corruption and illegitimate waste audits are far too common in our society and are having negative effects on our planet.

IOTA enables a TRUSTLESS environment where trust is not needed by any party as the waste data passed through the ledger is immutable and reliable.

It’s time for waste data to find a new home - IOTA’s distributed ledger - The Tangle.

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