For business.

“All businesses care about corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our sensors are able to help them with end of year waste statistics and auditing. The magic is that everybody wins, because they get to save on their bottom line too.”

Ham Karami CEO & Founder

Lidbot for business

Lower your cost of collection

Reactive management can cost you thousands of dollars. Let our sensors and algorithms notify you the best time to send your staff for collection so you can save money.

Better understand you waste system

Our sensors help you see your waste system like never before. With the help of our customized analytics platform and smart sensor data you can see where your problem areas are and how to solve them.

Increase recycling rates

There are many factors that can effect your recycling rates. To date, we have been limited on tools to monitor and view extensive data about our recycling. With Lidbot you can begin to understand everything about your recycling like where, when and how much.

Get your “Smart Building” certificiate

In order to be recognized as a smart building, you need systems like Lidbot in place. Our full solution will help you get one step closer in obtaining your “Smart Building” certificiate and reaching your corporate social responsibility goals.